About Me

Hi, my name is Barry, and my job here is to help you survive your marching band experience!

I come to this with some knowledge of the subject – 3 years of high school marching band, 4 years of college marching band, and 11 years of drum corps, including 10 of those in DCI-level corps.

And while it’s true that my experiences were back in the stone age (wind instruments made from animal horns…), one thing has not changed at all, and that’s weather.

From nasty hot, to flooding of Biblical proportions, to brutal cold, I’ve marched and rehearsed (and done some teaching) in all of it.

What I’ve learned from all those times was exactly what I’m going to share with you, and that is  – you can make it better! Mostly by being prepared, but just knowing what you’re up against will make a difference.

So included here are some tips, tricks, and links to useful stuff.

Keep calm, and march on!